Meet the Writer

Stephanie Carmichael is a freelance writer and copy editor specializing in video game entertainment. She’s also the Head of Content for ed-tech startup Classcraft and editor-in-chief of the Classcraft education blog.

Her areas of interest include pop culture, science and technology, fantasy, television and movies, comics and books, feminism, and creative writing.

Learn why you should hire her and who thinks it’s worth your time.

“I love having her on the team because I know 100% I can count on her. And she is always so happy and positive, too!” – Dan Hsu, EIC of GamesBeat

“She has the uncanny ability to connect with her readers, whatever the topic is.” – Jason Lomberg, technical editor of ECN

“Stephanie makes good edits and smart queries. She doesn’t waste a writer’s time.” – Jason Wilson, copy editor for VentureBeat/GamesBeat

“Stephanie is one of the hardest working, self-motivated individuals I’ve ever met.” – Meagan Marie, former associate editor at Game Informer