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G4@Syfygames (3/28/2016): 5 features Pokkén Tournament needs to be Nintendo’s ultimate fighting game
G4@Syfygames (2/26/2016): Firewatch Review
G4@Syfygames (2/20/2016): Horror game Calendula plays you more than you play it
The Mary Sue (1/21/2016): Review: In Resident Evil 0 Remake, Hell Is Bugs, Inventory, and Other People
G4@Syfygames (1/13/2016): The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind Review
G4@Syfygames (1/10/2016): Why Yo-Kai Watch is a better Pokémon than Pokémon
G4@Syfygames (12/14/2015): Among the Sleep Review
G4@Syfygames (12/11/2015): Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair Review
The Mary Sue (10/29/2015): Life Is Strange Poignantly Captures the Joy and Pain of Having a Best Friend
G4@Syfygames (10/11/2015): Read Only Memories Review
G4@Syfygames (10/8/2015): Ape Law’s Justin Pappas on Albino Lullaby, indie gaming’s Beetlejuice
G4@Syfygames (10/6/2015): The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition Review
G4@Syfygames (9/22/2015): Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review
G4@Syfygames (9/8/2015): Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Review
The Mary Sue (9/4/2015): Review: Lara Croft Go Is Classic Tomb Raider in Slow, Beautiful Motion
G4@Syfygames (8/27/2015): Steins;Gate Review
G4@Syfygames (8/13/2015): Interview: Author David Craddock on Dungeon Hacks and the fascinating history of roguelikes
G4@Syfygames (8/9/2015): Interview: Stardock’s Adam Biessener on Sorcerer King, building a rebellion, and more
G4@Syfygames (7/23/2015): Review: ‘Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition’ (Android)
G4@Syfygames (7/18/2015): ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’ Review
GamesBeat (7/12/2015): Traverser’s dystopian, Tim Burton-like world values oxygen greater than oil
G4@Syfygames (6/22/2015): What ‘Mad Max’ the game could learn from ‘Mad Max’ the movie
The Mary Sue (6/18/2015): Heroes of the Storm Can Help You Overcome Your MOBA Fears
The Mary Sue (6/3/2015): Review: Nintendo’s Splatoon Is the Best Kind of Mess
G4@Syfygames (6/2/2015): ‘Til Morning’s Light’ Review
The Mary Sue (5/28/2015): Review: Classic Zelda Comic Brings Hyrule Alive, 23 Years Later
G4@Syfygames (5/21/2015): ‘Epanalepsis’ Review
G4@Syfygames (5/17/2015): ‘Toren’ Review
The Mary Sue (5/11/2015): Review: Finding Zelda, Nintendo’s “Missing Woman,” in Second Quest
The Mary Sue (5/7/2015): Review: Broken Age Is a Better Kind of Boy-Meets-Girl Story
G4@Syfygames (5/1/2015): ‘Silent Hills’ is dead, but the series died long ago
G4@Syfygames (4/30/2015): ‘Crypt of the NecroDancer’ Review
The Mary Sue (4/30/2015): Story of Seasons: 10 Tips for Mastering Farm Life
The Mary Sue (4/23/2015): Etrian Mystery Dungeon Is Fun and Less Scary Than You Think
GamesBeat (4/22/2015): Charnel House’s true horrors are ordinary people
GamesBeat (4/15/2015): This role-playing game mixes Diablo in the bright colors of The Banner Saga
GamesBeat (4/13/2015): Shadow of Mordor has nothing on the orcs in this dating sim
G4@Syfygames (4/9/2015): ‘Dragon Quest Heroes’ is far from the game fans want
G4@Syfygames (4/8/2015): ‘Slender: The Arrival’ Review
G4@Syfygames (4/3/2015): ‘Gurumin’ is a 10-year-old PC game still worth playing
G4@Syfygames (4/2/2015): ‘Yandere Simulator’ shows how much high school has changed
G4@Syfygames (3/31/2015): Five ‘Pokémon’ games we’re dying to play
G4@Syfygames (3/30/2015): Five party games that are way cooler than Monopoly
The Mary Sue (3/27/2015): Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Shows Us True Horror—and It’s 20 Years Old
G4@Syfygames (3/13/2015): 5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Resident Evil
G4@Syfygames (3/12/2015): A Look Back at Games That Every Fan of The Simpsons Should Know
GamesBeat (3/12/2015): Escape (or confront) your fears in this game about social anxiety
G4@Syfygames (3/4/2015): 6 Huge Lego Game Series Based on Your Favorite Movies
G4@Syfygames (2/27/2015): How a Small Fan Magazine Helped Pokémon Take Over the World
G4@Syfygames (2/26/2015): Why Lifelong Fans Aren’t Happy About the Next Tomb Raider Game
G4@Syfygames (2/25/2015): Online Trolls Are Getting Worse as This Poor Kid on Playstation 4 Found Out
The Mary Sue (2/24/2015): Review: htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary Is a Gorgeous Mystery That Will Make You Furious
G4@Syfygames (2/23/2015): The Bard’s Tale: See What a Pioneering RPG Was Like 30 Years Ago
The Mary Sue (2/23/2015): Review: PS4′s The Order: 1886 Has Heart But Not Enough Courage
G4@Syfygames (2/21/2015): 5 Awesomely Challenging Puzzle Games Not for Casual Gamers
The Mary Sue (2/18/2015): How to Make Video Games for Girls
GamesBeat (2/12/2015): Why Spelunky, Meat Boy, and other indie stars are photo-bombing each other’s games
Kill Screen (2/2/2015): Gravity Ghost is about universal symmetry and not pooping in the afterlife
The Mary Sue (1/27/2015): How Adventure Classic Grim Fandango Holds Up After 16 Years
The Mary Sue (1/22/2015): How The Princess Bride Is (Mis)Remembered in Games After 30 Years
Kill Screen (1/13/2015): Lisa makes a monster out of you
GamesBeat (1/8/2015): Even robots worry about their relationship status
The Mary Sue (12/25/2014): A Newbie’s Guide to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
The Mary Sue (12/12/2014): Review: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Raids Barren Old Tombs
Kill Screen (12/4/2014): Never Alone, the “first Alaska native game,” is a diorama of nature
GamesBeat (11/28/2014): No guns, no saving the world, no nonsense: Why Harvest Moon’s style is better when it’s indie
Kill Screen (11/10/2014): The unexpected charms of Pokemon Art Academy
GamesBeat (10/31/2014): The top 10 games of Pitch Us in One Tweet 2014 (#1: Hot Tin Roof)
GamesBeat (10/18/2014): How 13 years changed the language and culture of Dragon Quest games
Kill Screen (10/10/2014): Futuridium is a surprisingly Kubrickian take on intergalactic combat
GamesBeat (10/4/2014): 10 of the best console games you’ll probably never get to play (gallery)
The Mary Sue (10/3/2014): The Secret Heroine of Video Games: Princess Peach
Hyper Magazine (#254): Fighting Words (one-page feature)
The Mary Sue (9/26/2014): Review: Hyrule Warriors Unites the Zelda Kingdom in a Rupee-Happy Showdown
GamesBeat (9/16/2014): The Destiny minority: Here’s what happens when a noob and a multiplayer hater play Bungie’s online shooter
GamesBeat (9/2/2014): Velocity 2X brings sass and side-scrolling to your average alien shoot-em-up (review)
The Mary Sue (8/29/2014): Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is Witchy Good Courtroom Drama
The Mary Sue (7/4/2014): The Only Open-World Game I Want Is No Man’s Sky
GamesBeat (6/24/2014): Valiant Hearts: The Great War reframes history’s brutal moments in cartoon violence (review)
Hyper Magazine (#249): RPG Machines: Technology and Psychology Systems (three-page feature)
The Mary Sue (5/29/2014): Review: Mario Kart 8 Turns the Kart-Racing World Upside Down
GamesBeat (5/28/2014): Astral projection, friendly ghosts, and other reasons Whispering Willows isn’t your average horror game
Kill Screen (Virtual Reality issue): “Horizons” five-piece series
Kill Screen (5/15/2014): DreadOut is old-school torture
Fast Co.Create (5/1/2014): How One Game Studio Is Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease with Spaceships and Sci-fi
Kill Screen (4/15/2014): Nintendo Girls Club—A Hub of Fashion, Cuteness, and Mixed Messages
GameZone (3/29/2014): This Tamagotchi-like game is your life, only how you dreamed it
Fast Co.Create (3/27/2014): How One Teacher Is Making High School — and Physics — Fun by Gamifying the Classroom
GamesBeat (3/25/2014): Deception IV: Blood Ties is sadistic cruelty, but not just for your victims (review)
GamesBeat (3/25/2014): What one studio says the media, gamers, and developers get wrong about Steam’s Early Access (feat. on Giant Bomb)
GameZone (3/22/2014): Okabu dev explains why upcoming game Seabeard isn’t an Animal Crossing or Zelda clone
GamesBeat (3/19/2014): Empathy game Thralled explores slavery through love and motherhood, not violence
GameZone (3/15/2014): Glorkian Warrior writes a punchy love letter to classic alien shooters
ECN (3/14/2014): Adults, don’t blame teenagers for your bad phone habits
Kill Screen (3/13/2014): How M. C. Escher’s “little worlds” inspired the gorgeous upcoming Monument Valley
GamesBeat (3/10/2014): Flappy is a toy-controlled game of Flappy Bird that you can throw in frustration
GamesBeat (3/9/2014): TowerFall: Ascension rises up as the Super Smash Bros. of indies (review)
GameZone (3/8/2014): Dual-screen game Salvaged may be the coolest tactical shooter in the galaxy
GamesBeat (2/28/2014): Take my ax — and my broom: How creative weapons improve video games
ECN (2/25/2014): Hotel smartphone “keys” are a horrible idea
ECN (2/20/2014): Mandated ‘smart’ tech could put cars in charge of their drivers
GamesBeat (2/20/2014): Weapon Shop de Omasse turns blacksmithing into an amateur comedy routine (review)
GamesBeat (2/18/2014): 99 Levels to Hell is Spelunky meets Bubble Bobble in a total bloodbath
GameZone (2/14/2014): GameZone’s Valentine’s Day iOS and Android crushes
ECN (2/14/2014): Forget the “smart home”: These homes are micro-sized
Kill Screen (2/13/2014): Garden Warfare aims to be the shooter for you and your 80-year-old grandma
Touch Arcade (2/13/2014): ‘Skydrift’ Review – A Mesmerizing Freefall through Weird Dimensions
GameZone (2/12/2014): Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review: School’s out
GameZone (2/8/2014): Toast Time is delicious British humor in a breakfast game
GamesBeat (2/8/2014): Couch play: Why developers are championing for more local multiplayer games
GamesBeat (2/5/2014): Blind, disabled, and gay: How one game journalist deals with barriers and prejudice
Kill Screen (2/5/2014): Inside the twenty-year collaboration that brought us Psychonauts, Full Throttle, and Broken Age
GameZone (2/1/2014): Vita’s Draw Slasher is the right kind of iOS port
ECN (1/28/2014): These heads-up display snow goggles could save your life (or kill you)
GameZone (1/25/2014): Psychological thriller ‘In Fear I Trust’ is like a Lynchian TV series
GamesBeat (1/24/2014): Bodycheck isn’t a sports game for sports haters — it’s action for everyone
ECN (1/24/2014): The same headsets that give you mental powers can help you achieve inner peace
Kill Screen (1/23/2014): Bardbarian is equal parts music-battling heaven and grinding hell
GameZone (1/17/2014): Naughty Kitties is FTL: Faster Than Light with cats
GameZone (1/17/2014): Broken Age Act 1 review: Small worlds
GamesBeat (1/17/2014): The 20 coolest ways Wii Fit U makes you less of a couch potato
Kill Screen (1/10/2014): How The Banner Saga’s creators got an IGF nomination by LARPING in their frontyard
Fast Co.Create (1/8/2014): Rethinking Immersion: How “Tearaway” Brings a Game into Your Life, and Vice Versa
ECN (1/2/2014): Phones to TVs: The future of tech is flexibility
GamesBeat (12/31/2013): The best games of 2013 (GamesBeat staff picks)
GamesBeat (12/23/2013): The weirdest, silliest, and most downright disturbing games of 2013
ECN (12/23/2013): These vintage tech ads are insulting, awkward, and completely real
GamesBeat (12/19/2013): Republique: Episode 1 nails a Big Brother vibe but struggles with repetitive stealth-action (review)
GamesBeat (12/19/2013): Cut the Rope 2 introduces fun new friends but feeds Om Nom the same old candy (review)
GamesBeat (12/13/2013): The terrifying, drug-fueled trip that spawned the game Continue?9876543210
ECN (12/11/2013): This flying dress could be the start of wearable transportation
GamesBeat (12/10/2013): New iOS game Circus Life reveals what really goes on inside the big top (exclusive)
GamesBeat (12/10/2013): Doki-Doki Universe makes space exploration boring and slightly awkward (review)
GameZone (12/7/2013): Why longtime PC developer Wadjet Eye is embracing mobile
Kill Screen (12/4/2013): Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime takes Chris Ware to outer space, whether he wants to go or not
Kill Screen (12/4/2013): Moshi Monsters: Katsuma Unleashed made me miss the ’90s
ECN (12/3/2013): Smile: Your life’s history is one photo snap away
GamesBeat (12/2/2013): The musical mind behind Plants vs. Zombies spins Miyazaki and Zelda into a whimsical adventure
GameZone (11/30/2013): Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW Review: Trouble in Candy Kingdom
GameZone (11/23/2013): Stick It to the Man Review: Read my mind
Touch Arcade (11/22/2013): ‘Maze Crusade’ Review: Beware the Traps
Kill Screen (11/20/2013): Contrast conjures a children’s magic show—and is about as believable as one
GameZone (11/16/2013): Morphopolis is a beautiful melding of two puzzle genres
Touch Arcade (11/14/2013): ‘Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas’ Review – Zelda Is Better Without the Princess
Pocket Gamer (11/13/2013): Paint It Back – Picross with a Purpose review
GameZone (11/9/2013): Apexicon is your new match-3 and RPG fix
GamesBeat (11/8/2013): Grand Theft Auto V’s stars are good antiheroes whether we like them or not
Kill Screen (10/29/2013): Batman: Arkham Origins is one big identity crisis