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Dan “Shoe” Hsu, editor-in-chief of GamesBeat:


dan Stephanie is absolutely amazing, and I promise you this is not hyperbole. She’s a great writer and knows how to come up with original story ideas that our readers (and I) always find fascinating. She’s a detailed-oriented editor — someone I know I can trust with just about any copy.

But best of all, she has one of the best attitudes I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in this business for 17 years. Stephanie is always ready to jump in and help the team, even if it’s a little inconvenient for her. Need a last-minute shift filled? Chances are, it’s Stephanie to the rescue.

I love having her on the team because I know 100% I can count on her. And she is always so happy and positive, too!

I give her my highest recommendation.

Meagan Marie, community manager for Crystal Dynamics:

meagan-marieStephanie is one of the hardest working, self-motivated individuals I’ve ever met. She doesn’t wait for opportunity to find her – she makes her own breaks. I’ve collaborated with Stephanie dozens of times and her work always exceeds my expectations in regards to quality, timeliness, and the holistic approach she takes. Her command of the written word, from both a creative and a technical perspective, is also admirable. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for an experienced writer or copy editor.

Jason Wilson, managing editor at VentureBeat/GamesBeat:

Jason WilsonI trust Stephanie to edit copy on my site, and I don’t trust many people to copyedit anything I work on. So that in itself is a recommendation of her work. Stephanie makes good edits and smart queries. She doesn’t waste a writer’s time.

As a writer, Stephanie produces clear, concise copy on interesting topics, and she knows how to research and reach out to others to find the facts she needs for a report or to support the points she makes in an argument.

Jason Lomberg, technical editor of Electronic Component News:

Jason LombergStephanie Carmichael freelanced for Electronic Component News, a trade publication for electrical engineers, for several months earlier this year. While ECN’s core focus is vertically-oriented design engineering, the website embraces more popular content in an attempt to engage the community, and I recruited Stephanie based on my familiarity with her work for GamesBeat, a popular gaming site.

I was extremely impressed with Stephanie’s work ethic, attention to detail, and the quality of her writing. Though this was her first foray into tech blogging, Stephanie quickly mastered the tone and style of our publication and delivered well-written prose, on time (often early), and her writing required minimum edits on my part.

Stephanie was very responsive, eager, and reliable. Her blog posts drew excellent traffic, and on more than one occasion, her submissions ended up in our “Top 10” for the month. Most importantly, her writing engaged the audience and got them excited. She has the uncanny ability to connect with her readers, whatever the topic is.

I would highly recommend Stephanie for any writing or editing position.

Michael Splechta, editor-in-chief of GameZone:

michael splechtaStephanie has been helping out GameZone from early 2011. Starting out as a copy-editor, Stephanie has provided a great amount of copy-editing at the time, making sure each of our articles shine with the utmost of professionalism. She has since then shifted more towards a freelance contributor helping out with thought-provoking editorials, a weekly mobile column as well as posting nightly news.

Some of her top editorials include “Breaking Lara: Tomb Raider like we’ve never seen it before” which consisted of her reaching out to the Rape Crisis Center, to better help understand the material which she was covering and to prove its authenticity about the subject at hand.

Stephanie is highly dependable and hasn’t let me down since she started here. I know she has made my job a lot easier and comes highly recommended.

Lawrence Tabak, author of In Real Life:

Lawrence TabakStephanie provided an insightful, comprehensive review of my novel, which showed not only impressive understanding of the mechanics of writing but a deep reading for consistency, voice, and meaning. Highly recommended for editorial work of this kind.